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At El-Fil Shipping, we go beyond being a mere shipping agency; we are a dedicated team propelled by a clear purpose – to provide unparalleled maritime solutions to vessels calling Lebanese ports. With a robust foundation rooted in years of experience and industry expertise, we take pride in delivering reliable and efficient services that make a significant impact in the world of maritime logistics. Our commitment is to empower maritime success by simplifying and optimizing the shipping process for our esteemed clients. We adhere to this mission through our core principles: Excellence, Efficiency, and Trust.

We proudly represent Turkon Line and Damen Shipyard in Lebanon, offering comprehensive shipping services to our clients. From routine port calls to specialized shipping projects, we ensure all needs are met without delays at the lowest possible cost. As the appointed agent for these companies in Lebanon, El-Fil Shipping is entrusted with overseeing their operations within the country, safeguarding the owners’ interests. Managing approximately 1000 TEUs (Twenty-foot Equivalent Units) on a monthly basis, we handle both imports and exports for various clients in Lebanon.

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From container shipping to break bulk services, we, as agents of Turkon Line and Damen, cater to a wide range of shipping needs. Discover more on our ‘Representation’ and ‘Services’ pages

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