Shipping Agency

Our shipping agency plays a crucial role in facilitating the movement of goods between different international locations. We act as an intermediary between various parties involved in the shipping process, including shippers, consignees, and port authorities. Ensuring that all activities related to the shipping process, such as loading and unloading of cargo, are well-coordinated and executed efficiently, including inland transportation of goods to/from the port, is our priority. We comply with relevant local and international regulations. Today, our company is capable of transporting around 1000 TEUs monthly from different ports, including Saudi Arabia and Jordan via Mersin, the USA East Coast, all Turkish and Egyptian ports into Lebanon.

Freight Forwarding.

Selecting a reliable freight forwarder is crucial for the smooth transportation of goods. The right freight forwarder can help streamline the shipping process, manage logistics efficiently, and ensure that your goods reach their destination on time and in good condition. With expertise in licensing, a strong reputation, and extensive experience in the field, we offer excellent service with dedicated customer support, covering a global network of agents around the globe.

Vessels’ Operation (Bulk, Containers, and SPV).

Operating vessels efficiently and safely is crucial for the maritime industry. Whether you’re a shipowner or vessel manager, our company is here to ensure good vessel operation. We adhere to safety and compliance standards. Our team is experienced and well-trained in cargo handling to minimize loading and unloading times. We monitor and manage operational costs efficiently and conduct regular reviews of vessel performance metrics and operational processes. We handle port operations with efficient collaboration with port authorities, ensuring timely berthing and overall vessel efficiency. Our company is always seeking improvement, adapting to changing regulations, and maintaining a commitment to safety. We look forward to working with shipowners, handling their vessel operation agency in Lebanese ports.

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